We’re glad to be your difference makers

As a full-service renovation company, LJ Building WA provides complete renovation for existing and new builds, cabinetry, tiles & flooring services in Western Australia. Our services range from particular construction works to full inside and outside building renovation.

Our new homes are custom designed and tailored to our clients’ specifications and budget. We source properties directly in our community, and often work with prospective customers well in advance of securing a site to develop. We also engage with clients who have already purchased a property or are redeveloping their existing home.

Our Mission & Vision

As seasoned experts, we have the experience and resources necessary to address the diverse styles and expectations.


We are specialized on bringing your dream to life. We are dedicated and provide all types of interior services including cabinetry, flooring and tiling services. We bring a distinct combination of function and design to residences and businesses.


We look to revamp and refresh the outdated looks of homes or businesses to make them as good as new. We want to partner with various property owners in Western Australia to help meet their unique needs for business or home renovation services.

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